Real Results

Through our various programs conducted inside the Union County Jail we develop relationships with incarcerated men and women. The inmates are taught practical life skills and given tools to accomplish positive goals upon release.

We follow up with the ex-offender to assist with their transition back into OUR community.

In 2006, Safer Communities Ministry initiate the Second Chance REEntry Network (SCREEN). Over 20 community partners are available to help the former offenders and their families.

The bottom line is that SCM’s faith-based efforts, together with its collaboration with organizations and businesses in our community (SCREEN), only 36 of the 183 SCREEN ex-offenders returned with a new conviction over the last 4 year period.

That’s a recidivism rate of 19.6%, as compared to the North Carolina recidivism rate of 50%.


Life Skills – Union County Jail: 4 year report.

  • 317 men and women inmates taught in Life Skills classes inside the Union County Jail
  • 183 inmates were released into the community
  • 92 normally would have returned (183 x 50%)
  • 36 returned (not 92)
  • 56 did NOT return that would have returned without the Life Skills/SCREEN program (92-36=56)

When you multiply 56 x $26,000.00 per year to incarcerate one inmate, it comes to $1,456,000.00 minus the cost of our Professional Services contract which ran approximately $260,000.00 for the 4 year period.  That is a total savings of $1,196,000.00 to the Union County tax payer.

When formal criminals’ lives are transformed and they become tax paying, law abiding citizens the BIG RESULT is a Safer Community for us ALL.

Eagles Fellowships:

  • 5 Fellowships behind bars
  • Union, Mecklenburg, Alexander counties
  • 1 prison, 3 jails

New Life Evangelistic Services:

  • 8 prisons in Columbia, SC – Adult men and women facilities
  • 2 juvenile evaluation and detention centers – youth


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