Ministiring from the Inside ~ Out

SCM’s  Aftercare and Support Program

The Aftercare and Support Program functions as a case management follow-up programs for the transition of our clients and ex-offenders. SCM’s Aftercare program is offered in week 3 of the 7 week Life Skills program provided in the jail but, is extended to all ex-offenders of the Union County and Stanly County Jail. This client initiated program provides a teamwork approach utilizing trained volunteers and community partners to assist in a participant’s re-entry into society. Our care involves spiritual guidance, clothing to exit the jail, fulfilling our clients food insecurities and homelessness, substance abuse challenges, job placement for felons, mental health counseling, setting educational goals, connecting with a local church, or reuniting with estranged family members. SCM’s specialized children’s program “Shine”, mentors, supports, and empowers children fostering resiliency and meeting the challenges head on caused from parental incarceration or addiction.
Although, our individual clients have to make the effort, we are there to encourage them and their families the whole way.

Our Community Partners

the closet

With these partners, we are able to provide our clients something to wear, when needed, as they depart the jail and/or food securities they may have for their family. 

Addiction recovery

With these partners, our clients are connected with Christ-centered programs that go alongside our clients on their path of recovery and hope for a transformed life.


With these partners, our clients can can be assisted with a home plan or transitional housing after their release from jail/prison. 

Educational goals

With this partner, our clients can reach their educational goals by getting their HSE in jail or enroll in career programs for the unemployed or underemployed, often at no cost. 

Hebron Colony/Grace Home