Eagles Fellowship

eagle_finEagles Fellowships were initiated in 1989 to disciple inmates in the ways of God. These Fellowships give inmates the opportunity to meet weekly with fellow-inmates and volunteer laypersons for open, honest discussions of spiritual topics in order to encourage their on-going, positive life-change. Eagles Fellowships are offered to inmates in minimum custody facilities to help them prepare for re-entry into society.

Five Eagles Fellowships meet at the following locations:
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Union County
  • Alexander County
The standard format for an Eagles Fellowship:
  • Welcome
  • Introduction/Explanation of SCM and Eagles Fellowships
  • Inmate testimonies
  • Bible study
  • Prayer
  • Follow-up discussion
  • Music/Inmate solo
  • Closing prayer/Dismissal
Eagles Fellowship Objectives:
  • Offer a Gospel presentation;
  • Provide engaging and challenging Bible study;
  • Encourage spiritual learning beyond the “basics”;
  • Instill desire to continue learning;
  • Communicate love and a caring spirit to inmates;
  • Let the Holy Spirit be the guide;
  • Make “teaching time” a key element


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