change from the inside out

SCM Addiction 

Addiction has reached epic proportions in this country and in North Carolina. 
Safer Communities Ministry (SCM) forms community partnerships with area churches and ministries for the common cause of Jesus Christ — to help those struggling with addiction because we understand that addiction recovery is an ongoing process and often clients will relapse after a period of sobriety.

SCM starts from the inside the jail and out. We use Celebrate Recovery materials in our life skills program while an individual is incarcerated. This can bring familiarity so once released SCM can connect them with a Celebrate Recovery meeting in their community. If our life skill clients have identified that their substance abuse issues need to be addressed in a treatment center, many have the opportunity to enter directly into our recommended Christ-centered rehabilitation centers upon their release from jail.

The risk of relapse is exceptionally high within the first few weeks or months after treatment. SCM wants our clients to have the support and critical connections with
Christ-centered long term programs and weekly meetings that will promote healing and strength to work through their addictions.

We also realize the impact it has on their family and that is why we developed a specialized program for the children of our clients to help them cope and build resiliency. “Shine”, SCM’s children program meets weekly to meet the emotional, social, academic, spiritual needs of these children. Often these children are being cared for by someone other than their parents and we provide parenting and practical supports for these caregivers

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