How to Conduct a Daily Quiet Time

To conduct a daily quiet time, we recommend you start with Proverbs.  There are 31 Proverbs, one for each day.  So read the one that corresponds with the date.  If it is May 25, read Proverbs 25 for that day.  Once you have read all 31, start over again.  You can learn more as you continue to read scripture over and over.

To get started, you are going to need some supplies.  Here is what we recommend:

  • KJV Study Bible (Scofield, Swaggart, Nelson)
  • Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance Red Letter Edition
  • Pen and Paper (Journal works great)
  • Dictionary

Not sure how to get started?  That’s ok!  Use the 7 Up Plan.  This plan will guide you through your quiet time.

  • Pray for 30 Seconds – Always start your quiet time with prayer.  Why is it important to pray?  You want to have a spirit of thanksgiving, a heart filled with praise, and a mind focused on God.  Use this time to confess your sins and ask for forgiveness.  Ask God to cleanse you and create a right spirit in you.  Having a clean heart will allow you to eliminate any barriers that may hinder you from hearing from God.  Ask for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Ask God to open your heart and help you understand what you are reading.  Ask God to use this time and scripture to speak to you.
  • Read Scripture for Four Minutes – This is the perfect time to read Proverbs.  Don’t focus on reading a bunch of verses.  Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Meditate for One Minute – Spend a minute of your time thinking about what you read.  Choose a verse that really speak to you and write it down.
  • Personalize for One Minute – Take time to think about how what you have read can be applied to your life.
  • Pray for 30 Seconds – End your quiet time with prayer.  Ask God to seal what read/learned in your heart.  Ask Him to help you apply it to your life and send someone your way so you can share what you learned with them.


Please see our “Proverbs” for examples of Daily Quiet Time with Proverbs.