Daily Proverbs

Having a Daily Quiet Time with God is very important.  We recommend you use our Proverbs Daily Quiet Time Plan.  Each day, read one Proverbs.  So on the 18th of the month, read Proverbs 18.  Before you start, please read “How to Conduct a Daily Quiet Time”.  Once you are ready to get started, have pen and paper ready.  Take notes as you read.  Here is an outline that will work great for your study:  Opening Prayer, Comments/Insights, Basic Scripture Truth, Application to My Life, and Closing Prayer.  Click below for examples and insight into what other got from their Proverbs reading.


Proverbs 1   |   Proverbs 2   |   Proverbs 3   |   Proverbs 4   |   Proverbs 5
Proverbs 6   |   Proverbs 7   |   Proverbs 8   |   Proverbs 9   |   Proverbs 10
Proverbs 11   |   Proverbs 12   |   Proverbs 13   |   Proverbs 14   |   Proverbs 15
Proverbs 16   |   Proverbs 17


We’re busy collecting and adding the Proverbs.  Please check back.