Second Chance REEntry Network (SCREEN)

clip_image001In 2006 CPM initiated Second Chance REEntry Network (SCREEN). SCREEN is a countywide network that builds collaboration with all organizations that affect ex-offenders.


SCREEN Purpose

To create a safer community by developing an integrated response to change behavior by addressing ex-offenders’ needs.

  1. To create initiatives for employment, housing, mentoring, etc.
  2. To increase employer and public support.
  3. To improve collaboration and coordination, eliminating gaps.
SCREEN Members

The Union County Sheriff, South Piedmont Community College (SPCC), Employment Security Commission, Vocational Rehabilitation business people, the community shelter, halfway houses, real estate professionals, and rental housing owners and managers.

The Four Levels of SCREEN

SCREEN offers total care initiatives for transitioning inmates and ex-offenders on four levels.

  1. Countywide Level – SCM assists with re-entry across the county;
  2. Individual Partner Sites – SCM helps build each partner’s capacity to be more effective – from implementation, to on-site programs, to tracking;
  3. Individual Cases – SCM provides customized ex-offender goal-setting and support;
  4. An individual’s Character and motivational issues (particularly with options for faith-based groups) – SCM provides materials for mentors, teaching events for ex-offenders and other offerings to support continued learning and spiritual development.

Note: In Union County SCREEN also has had the full support of all the County Commissioners. SCM has a contract with Union County that is overseen by the Sheriff’s office to conduct the Life Skills (LS) program inside the UCJ and SCREEN program which follows up with LS participants upon release.

The “4” P Strategy

The mainstay of our program is our staff and volunteers working our “4” P strategy:

  1. Get the Picture,
  2. Make a Plan,
  3. Get People and resources to do the plan, and
  4. Keep track of Progress.


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