Safer Communities Ministry Volunteer Training

The following training is to be conducted if you plan to become a volunteer at the Union County Jail or on one of our quarterly Prison Crusades.

How to complete training:

  1. Print out a blank test form PDF TEST.
  2. Listen to all 12 modules and fill in the blanks as you listen.
  3. Once you have completed the test, scan a copy and email it to or mail a copy to PO Box 556 Monroe, NC 28111.  Be sure to put your name on the test.

You may also wish to print an abridged copy of the transcript to assist you. Printable PDF copy.

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Launch Module 1  
Introduction from Al Lewis, Executive Director (audio only)

Launch Module 2
Testimony by Pastor Eddie Williams (audio only)

A. “Do’s and Don’ts” – INMATE & EX-OFFENDER Ministry

Launch Module 3
Presented by: Rev. Al Lewis, Safer Communities Ministry, Executive Director (audio + text)

Launch Module 4
Presented by: Marvin Smith (audio + text)

Launch Module 5
Presented by: Chris Ammons, Ex-offender / Volunteer (audio + text)

Launch Module 6
Presented by: Tommy Belk, Ex-offender Program Director (audio + text)

B. “Do’s and Don’ts” – INMATE Ministry

Launch Module 7
Presented by: Chaplain Victor Weaver, Safer Communities Ministry, Life Skills Instructor (audio + text)

Launch Module 8
Presented by: Rev. Lee Gant, Volunteer (audio + text)

Launch Module 9
Presented by: Angela & Ryan Tolman, Volunteers (audio + text)

C. “Do’s and Don’ts” – EX-OFFENDERS

Launch Module 10
Presented by: Harvey Waddell (audio + text)

Launch Module 11
Presented by: Lee Little, Ex-offender Reentry Specialist / SCREEN Coordinator

Launch Module 12
Tommy Belk explains (audio only)